if self driving to the convention center, please be prepared to pay a $10 parking fee each time you enter the parking lot. if arriving via ride sharing, designated drop off spaces are near the front entrance. 


Jekalyn Carr’s You will win 2024 will take place in exhibit hall a.

media room availability

space inside the convention center has been designated for interviews and news gathering. you will be guided to the media room upon arrival at the convention center.

media room schedule

we are still coordinating interview times with panelists and performers. we will update media availability ahead of each session.

*we’re glad you’re here!*

we know that you have several choices of news coverage and content creation. As our thanks, we are thrilled to grant exclusive access to news that our media pool will be the first to share! 

Winning in Media, Journalism and Communications

We’re excited to have you join us as working members of the press. We have worked hard to make this year’s conference better than ever and have made every effort to make your experience covering the events, pleasant. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email Fred Willis our Media Relations Coordinator. He is available at your convenience by phone at 682.246.6951 or email: Please confirm your email address and phone number by Wednesday, June 19th, so that we have accurate information to keep you abreast of event happenings and up to the minute changes. 

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“Even when you face adversity, because of your faith you still WIN!” – JEKALYN CARR